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30/07/2015 - 01/08/2015 - Just a Friendly Reminder: 'First of the month, your rent is due.'


Today after the Bioinformatics Hackathon, we are back to the old schedule again. We arrived early today to prepare for the day ahead of us. After the some of us had breakfast, we jumped right into preparing the 40 minute presentation. I found that as the number of people working together increases, organization and coordination is key. We all have presentations ready, but we need to put them together. We elected Seyt to organize and prepare the powerpoint presentation. He hooked up his laptop to the projector, and we got to work. After  approximately close to three hours,  we only got twentyfive percent of the powerpoint done.

Ahmet Rasit and Osman Turkyilmaz arrived in time for our Skype call with Hande Seyhan. We got into the skype call but were having technical difficulties. The projector has been acting up since day one. We had called the repair crew before, and after their efforts the projector works fine… only for a few days though. Unfortunately we had to cancel the call with Hande even before we got to introducing ourselves.

Afterwards we moved on to D3. D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation. If you are intereseted, you can do some further reasearch at http://d3js.org/. To be honest, even Python looks simpler and more straight forward when compared with D3 to me. It requires a lot of coding. In python if you know what you are doing, you can shortcut through most of the tedious part of coding, by writing a code as simple and short as five lines. These five lines may do the job of a thousand lines. D3 is a ridiculously powerful tool which, if used to its full potential, can present jaw-droppingly impressive visualization of data. Today in a technologically active era, things like this can spice up your powerpoint presentations, or your reports.

We worked up until past midnight. It was close to one am when we left Genkok. Today was a long day, filled with coding. We planned to continue D3 tomorrow. The Hackathon disrupted our weekly routine of Pizza Day, Movie Night and, Minecraft. We have a lot of coding and catching up to do.


Today, like most days we arrived early. Well not all of us. This was the reason of the birth of our next D3 project! The lads usually arrive earlier than the gals, with respect to a few exceptions. So when we arrive on time, and the rest of the crew is lagging behind, we kill time; we venture deep into “Agar.io”. This sole game had lead to many loud screams of profanity , keyboard smashes and other acts of rage, and has single handedly caused the people of this world to lose trust in each other, so you have been warned! Proceed with caution., you can try it out at “agar.io”.

One beautiful sunny morning, our crew walked in on us playing this game in a very boisterous manner. They were instantly interested, and we dropped everything and chilled for a good half an hour, playing this game. We grouped up and cooperated together, dominating the leaderboard most of the time as the highest ranked player in the whole server. This joy sparked an idea in Ahmet Rasit’s mind. We talked on it, and got to work.

All of the day went to D3 coding. We were given an assignment to make an HTML where everytime you refresh the page, ten balls had to appear in random location. Keep in mind that this was our second day working with D3, ever. It took around a solid hour before anyone could complete it. It took me longer, but after struggling, the crew and i pulled through. The purpose of these tasks are to make sure we obtain a robust feel for the new language, so that our coding fingers may hit the characters on the keyboards faster and with more confidence when we get to the big-boy coding material.

After that, we focused on the projected image of Ahmet Rasit laptop screen as we as a crew tried to put out dreams to reality, or as Che Labeouf would of said it, we tried to “just do it”. We did cover a decent amount of ground today, although we still have a long way to go. A sample of our current progress is illustrated below:


Welcome back to the last day of the week! Today we had to finish preparing our presentation, and we had to present it. We did just that. Right afterwards, we moved on to a pleasant delight.

The day started off early for the crew. We met up at Genkok at ten AM (yes ten AM is early, it’s Saturday for crying out loud!) and had a quick chat of what we planned to do after the presentation was complete. We talked more about the presentation later. We made a plan to organize the slide with different company milestones with respect to the respective date that the company reached that milestone. Seyt was responsible for the slides, and the rest of us had to dig for the information that would fill those slides.

The presentation took place when Ahmet Rasit arrived. Aysegul and Osman were also present to watch and give feedback. We were seven people, and we had to present about seven major companies which had big impacts and influences on the way the PC industry is currently shaped. From software, to hardware and everything inbetween. Ahmet Paker, who was originally presenting on Oracle wanted a company change as he said he wanted a topic with more researchable content. He complained his current topic had a limited amount of resources where he could research from. He change from presenting Oracle to Samsung.

We lined up along the sides of the projection screen, making sure the screen was visible. We started the stopwatch, and off we started. At the end of the presentation, we were told to fix a few mistakes, and that the next time we present, our material would be videotaped and uploaded to Youtube. The presentation was a big improvement from our initial try, but we could still improve.

After the presentations, we got in the cars, and headed off to Seyt’s house! His family was very kind, and they welcomed us to their home at the door. After talking for a while they parted to give us privacy, and we got to work. The boys worked on the barbecue,and the ladies were in the kitchen working on salads so so forth. The fire was started fairly easily thanks to the combined effort of the lads. We were sitting down eating the first round of chicken in no time. The salads were delicious, and the rest of the food was also amazing. After filling our tummies, we settled down to have dessert which Seyt’s mother made for us, it was also delicious. After tea we chatted for a bit more. Then we slowly parted to make our way home.

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