10 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

06-08/08/2015 - Til' Next Time, Signing Out...

Hey world! This will be my last post about our Bioinformatics Internship! I have grown wings, and i am flying out of the crew-nest for a test run. Thank you all for following along with me in this amazing journey! A shout out to my mentors, and crew who made this all and event to truly remember. Peace!


I arrived on time this hot sunny Thursday morning. Sey, Mustafa, and Ahmet Rasit arrived earlier. I entered the door at eleven AM sharp. I set up my laptop, and was about to get to business, but the internet was out. So we sat there killing time. The girls were moving dormitories, and they had problems registering to the new one, so they were excused from showing up on time in the morning. The new dormitory the were moving into was associated with the previous one, but they still wanted them to register from scratch, slowing down the whole process.

We encountered internet problems later on. Our main objective for the day way to finish the HTML and CSS practices at codeacademy.com. After the problem was resolved, we had limited time, but most of the crew still managed to finish up to sixty percent of the practices anyway, the rest was homework.


Today we decided to have breakfast together at a local restaurant for a change. We met up at Genkok in the morning at ten AM, and from there we jumped in the cars belonging to Seyit and Ahmet Rasit, and we headed for “Erciyes Börek” restaurant. They are famous for, you guessed it, their Borek. The most famous type of Borek is “Su Böreği”, which is essentially Turkish cheese lasagna.

After that we headed back to Genkok. We dived into coding R. At first glance, R felt a lot easier when compared with Python. We were given an assignment to create a bar graph to display the frequency of our names, selected randomly. the whole thing was finished in a matter of a few lines, as R has a builtin package for graphing,which makes the process super easy.

For Dinner, the Ozturk family was kind enough to have us over for “Manti”, which Kayseri is famous for. It is primarily tiny meat-stuffed dumplings, treated with garlic yogurt and buttery tomato paste sauce.

After dessert and tea, we sat down and got ready for presentations. We each had various topics which were related to each other, I had to present on Hacker Personality. The whole reason for this presentation was for the crew to smash the presenters with as much as positive feedback as possible. We had to punish every mistake for the sake of making sure that each of us had truly mastered the art of presenting. Ahmet Rasit and Osman had loads of things to say, and the rest of the crew added their opinions as well.


Ahmet Paker left the crew today. I will follow soon. We were up to schedule with everything, and hence we decided to kick back and work on our teamwork skills today. What better way, than Counter Strike 1.8?

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