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23-25/07/2015 - Mission: Loading...


Today we started the day off with presentations from Ahmet hoca. He talked for a good two hours. he mainly focused on presentations, and how to excel in them. He gave us a few tricks and made a few suggestions. We were assigned to give a forty minute long group presentation. We each got various topics regarding technology companies, and we had to link, and present them. We are currently seven people, and we had to assign equal amount of time per person.

While presenting, Ahmet hoca explained that we should try to tell a story. The story which give people fear, or makes them scared is more effective when compared to other story approaches. You should try to give as much as detail as possible, as it shows that you are truly literate in the topic you're presenting respectively. You should be efficient in hiding things that you do not know much about, and you should know how to crack a joke or apply a transition when you get stuck presenting due to a hard question asked or an unexpected error in the presentation process. The more personal you can make a topic for a group of people, the more effective it will be.

Next Ahmet hoca touched on creating a brand-name for yourself, and that you should try to “sell” yourself. Even if you are not good at a certain thing, you should act and behave like you are, frankly speaking, you should “fake it until you make it”. He also mentioned that we should study social psychology, and how it is imperative for success in a group environment.

The topic slided over to colonization next, where i was assigned to present on the civil war in the United States. We reviewed how slavery was established from a colonizer’s point of view. The most important thing when building a new colony, for example the United States, is sustainability.

For lunch we headed off the food hall in campus with Ahmet hoca’s and Osman’s cars. The service was very nice in my opinion. We were provided the option to a diverse variety of foods, including soup, salad, and dessert besides the main dishes at a reasonable price! After finishing we moved back to the workstation briefly to pick up some papers and pens and we hit the road again, and headed off to Starbucks in Kayseri Park Mall (http://www.kayseripark.com.tr/).

At Starbucks we all got something to drink and then got to work. Firstly we designed a project as a group. We had to start a new business. we decided to go for a Playstation Salon, containing PS3s and PS4s, 10 each. We calculated our cost, and profits annually. We added the amount of people we have to hire,things we need to buy and replace, and so on and so forth. we calculated a five year scale and estimated how much profit we would generate at the end of five years.

Next up, back at Genkok,  we had a skype call with Cansu Tekin from Texas, in the United States. She is currently attending an english program set for six months. After introductions, Osman bombarded her with questions, until everything about how to get to her position, and her current state, mood, and status were crystal clear. She did add that she wished that a similarly serious system was implemented and adopted to Turkey as it is currently present and implemented in the United states. She said that Labs in Turkey are adequate to carry out all the experiments required for current day research. she voiced the concern that it is much harder to receive technology and utensils in the West compared to labs in Turkey, and by the time the required materials are acquired, many reports have already been published and many studies have been carried out sometimes by a number three to four years, which means anything you produce had already been done before, and hence, is outdated.


Today we started the day off early as we have been doing through out this previous week. We have to present on our shared group presentation today. We decided how to present and got to work. Everyone used the same type of A4 paper to take notes on, to look professional and organized. We created powerpoint presentations to present pictures. We decided to split the time of forty minutes to about five minutes and a half per person. We arranged the order of poeple to present according to the year their respective corporation was formed. We used the same font, font size, and font color. The background and other small details were also same. We tried to center or position each picture we were presenting around the same point, or same corner.

Ahmet hoca gave us a brief but loaded lecture on (PCA) Principle Component Analysis. I’ll let the image below explain for itself the secrets which it holds! “kexp” stands for Control experiment (control group; The control group is defined as the group in an experiment or study that does not receive treatment by the researchers and is then used as a benchmark to measure how the other tested subjects do.), and “dexp” is any variable that the study is testing respectively. Furthermore, “gen” is short of gene.


Up next we headed over to the first volley of presentations. We each had to present a topic of our choice. There was no limit put to what we could present on. Ahmet went first, like always, and he presented on Sigmund Freud. He started off strong and and continued so onwards. Ahmet hoca was present only for half of Ahmet’s presentation, and he did his best to help Ahmet get used to presenting and come over his shyness… by asking questions and interrupting the ongoing presentation with objections, queries, and suggestions... at every single chance he got, which was a frequency only delayed by a few seconds apart each time. I believe it was a big chance for Ahmet to get used to the stage pressure and he handled it very well in my opinion. I was next, and topic was named “How Big is Google?”. I talked about the foundation of google, the founders, as well as current, and future projects of Google. Seyt was next and he presented on a previous internship of his about Biomaterials. Cansu was next and she talked about a life without pain. It was a sad story about Gabby Gingras. Gabby was diagnosed after her dad let her bite his finger, which she did with such force that he recoiled and pulled his finger out rapidly, accidently pulling out her teeth. Even with a bloody mouth, she didn’t cry or show any discomfort. The doctors diagnosed her with Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA), which there is currently less than a hundred cases in the United States. Fatma took to stage next, and she explained about the big bang, the universe, and how the universe is actually growing, an event which dispelled Einstein's theory on the universe, which states that the universe is constant, and not growing. Mustafa was next, and he presented about the gaming platform, Steam. He received good feedback from the crew, Steam was a topic he was comfortable with, and with respect to his previous presentations, this one was well improved. Neslihan was last, she presented about Graph Theory. She was inspired by one of her teacher’s enthusiastic lecture about the topic. We took a short brake to freshen up shortly.

Shortly afterwards, we got ready for the second round of presentations. Mustafa and Neslihan went first, and presented chapter 10 from Data from Scratch, and I followed up with chapter 11. Chapter 10 focused on working with data. Mustafa went first up until Dimensionality Reduction. Neslihan finished off the rest of the chapter. I went next, and i presented on chapter 11 which focused on machine learning. My partner has still not returned to our crew. We decided not to bother her in her time of sorrow. She was close with her grandmother, and Ahmet hoca decided to give her all the time she needs. Riding solo was a lot harder than i expected, since the load i was responsible for doubled, and Canan had the expertise in our team, to say the least, her absence was felt and if she had been here, she would of rocked this presentation harder than anyone else i know, well that is besides Ahmet hoca.

We moved on to a rest, before the third round of presentations, by watching a movie: Chappie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1823672/). After finishing the movie, we moved on to the final stage of our day; the last presentations. This was a test-run for the real presentation which we have until Thursday to prepare for. The presentations on Thursday will be captured on video, and will be uploaded to Youtube. We have to present for 40 minutes, and every person (7) must present something. The amount each person presents is up to us to decide, there are no restrictions to it. Mustafa starts with xerox, Fatma follows with IBM, next is Cansu with HP. I am next with microsoft. Seyt follows with Apple, Ahmet follows with Oracle, and Neslihan finishes everything off with Dell. At Least it is/was supposed to be like this. In our first try, Ahmet hoca was present and he loves to stop us and ask “why?” or any other question, or he makes suggestions, and so forth. His aim is to help us improve the quality of our presentation, both with respect to slides and our speeches. This does steal from time though, so as i started to present. i was cut off and asked to have a seat as we had reached the 40 minute mark after 2 minutes and 17 seconds into my presentation part (microsoft). We were told to practice and were dismissed. Today was a long day.


Cappadocia!!! Today on a bright, sunny, and hot Saturday we headed off to the land of rock! To keep things simple, it is both a rocky region and a historical region in Central Anatolia, largely in the Nevşehir, Kayseri, Aksaray, and Niğde Provinces in Turkey. It is famous for ancient houses carved and chiseled into tear-drop shaped, naturally formed rock! The origins of the fairly-like rocks are said to be from melted snow,  leaching rain, and gusting winds! The shelters were made by early Christian running away from the cruelty and wrath of the Roman Empire to practice their religion in peace. We visited many sites, mentionably the Göreme Open-Air Museum. Below are some images of the scenery, please enjoy!

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